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Artisanal Honey Gift Set (Sample pack)

Rs. 695.00
Will you Bee Mine? Artisanal Honey Gift Set.  Give your loved ones (or treat yourself!) the ultimate honey tasting experience gift!  This hamper contains six...

Ajwain Honey

Rs. 555.00
Collected from the nectar of the Ajwain (Bishop Weed) flowers comes this miracle honey that not only stimulates the senses but also has abundant medicinal...

Wild Forest Honey

Rs. 495.00
Made through a blend of exotic wildflowers, wild forest honey has been a favourite of chefs and connoisseurs throughout the world. The distinctive taste of...

Litchi Honey

Rs. 595.00
 A good source of antioxidants and vitamin C, litchi honey is one that you can enjoy knowing that you're not just nourishing your soul, but...

Kashmiri White Honey

Rs. 775.00
  The flowers along the Kashmir Valley are responsible for this crystal clear, light golden yellow honey. Known for the instant rush of energy it...

Tulsi Honey

Rs. 645.00
 The flowers from the Holy Basil, or more commonly known as Tulsi, are the heroes of this natural, clear, amber honey. Savour the smoothness of...

Acacia Honey

Rs. 525.00
From the fragrant flowers of the acacia tree comes this golden yellow honey with a characteristically mild taste.  Size: 500g Taste Acacia honey has a...

The Tiny Hearts Melange

Rs. 1,090.00
Celebrate Valentine’s with your little tots, some confetti and this fun Kvell combo! Wild Forest Honey + Litchi Honey - Most loved by kids

The Agile Hearts Melange

Rs. 1,200.00
The ideal combo for your health-conscious Valentine! Ajwain Honey + Tulsi Honey - Health / Fitness

The Indulgent Hearts Melange

Rs. 1,300.00
An opulent affair for the perfectly romantic evening! Acacia + Kashmiri - Luxury

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Rs. 600.00
Kvell’s virgin coconut oil is extracted from coconut milk through centrifugal process. In addition, Cold pressed method preserves the antioxidant content and yields higher lauric...