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Birth happens every day but my husband and I didn't really appreciate it till we had our first kid. Now we're planning in a way we never used to, thinking about the future in a way we never used to, and I worry these days, as a mother does, about our planet, about our foods, and I even worry for you, the people I still look forward to meeting one day. My husband and I started this project to spread the tools for a good life to as many people as possible. When we did we made a promise, a promise to only feature foods that are natural and baby safe and to give people all the information as clearly and transparently as we can so they can make the same healthy choices we'd want for our kids. Realizing when Rihan was born how hard it is to find and afford the same natural food our grandparents ate, how many facts the advertisers don't mention, it lit a fire under us as a couple as we made it our mission to make sure everyone gets a fair shot at a decent life, customers and farmers alike.

To bringing you Kvellness!

Monisha and Sundeep