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Advantage of Kvell Honey

About Kvell

We are a family-owned business. At the birth of our first child we awoke to what so many people around the world are waking up to -- the dangers of mass produced, nutrient deficient food and the plastic it comes in. From there began the lookout for healthy, nutritious ingredients and the urge to bring it to the world. Since the successful launch of our seasonal, small batch and ethically sourced products we have worked to grow happiness and wellness wherever we grow. We are dedicated to promoting wellness and giving back to the community and the earth. Through a love for wellness, our family of customers have shown they want products that don’t just taste good but make them feel good too. It is our pledge that as we grow everything we offer will only bring about wellness and remain natural, pure, and even baby safe*!

*Disclaimer: It is not advisable to give honey to babies below one year of age. Consult your physician before use.

The Hive to Bottle Process

At Kvell, we believe in transparency and bringing you natural products as nature intended- preservative free, antibiotics free, and no artifical flavours or colours. Learn about how our range of honey is brought from beehives to the bottles on your dinner table- we are kvelling to tell you about it!

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Nutrition Packed Spinach Smoothie

Nutrition Packed Spinach Smoothie

Cooking time: 3 min.

Serves 1.

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Why Real Honey Crystallises and Why Is It Good?

Why Real Honey Crystallises and Why Is It Good?

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